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Welcome Power Parents!

You are Invited to Join The Training Academy for Parents Building Businesses.


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  • Are you lost when thinking of what to do next while building your business? 
  • When you sit down to work, do your kids fight for your attention?
  • Are you tired of feeling like a failure when comparing your time and results with those of non-parents working 80 hours a week?


Join the FREE POWER UP Course as Mary Kathryn Johnson, Host of the Parent Entrepreneur Power podcast, uncovers the tools only parents in business can understand and utilize!

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  • Is there not enough time in the day
  • Does your head spin when you think about what it takes to build your biz?
  • Are you looking for the tools to help you DO IT ALL?



Join the PRODUCTIVE POWER PARENT Course as Mary takes you step-by-step through the tools you need to Focus on your Biz so you can have time to be with your Family!